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In April 2017, we became the proud owners of a beautiful old house in Minneapolis.


The way I see it, we didn’t so much find the house as the house found us.

In February 2017, we were starting to think about looking at houses, but we were not yet looking at houses. We had started a casual preliminary conversation with a realtor (the wonderful Robin Voreis, who would soon become our official realtor), but no paperwork had been signed and no commitments made.

Then, I was out biking through the neighborhood when I passed a “For Sale” sign. As I glanced over some magnificent evergreens caught my eye, and that was enough to get me to pull over for a closer look. A good-sized 2.5 story house… double corner lot… lots of sun…

Well shoot, I thought. We better at least take a look.

At home I mentioned it to Katherine and it turned out that she had been trolling online realty listings and had noticed the very same house and was planning to tell me about it.

Well shoot, I thought. Maybe we better get a showing.

So I called Robin back and told her that even though two days before I had told her we’d be getting started in “about a month”, the timeline had changed to “right now” and could she please schedule a showing? Inside was a lot of classic original South Minneapolis trim, no major problems, and just enough flaws to keep it within our price range.

Well shoot, we thought. Guess we better put in an offer.

Then our offer was accepted(!) and it was off to the races.

So yeah, we bought the first house we looked at. What can I say? Love hits when it hits.

Nothing about this was the house-hunting process I imagined we would have, but I don’t regret a thing.


I’ll cover the house more in a future post, but for now I’ll leave it there. Like a birth story, but for our house, and no placentas involved.